Over half the municipalities in the riding have proclaimed National Health and Fitness Day

The Member of Parliament for Montmagny―L’Islet―Kamouraska―Rivière-du-Loup, Bernard Généreux, and Senator Nancy Greene Raine said they were pleased with what they had achieved together, as they met this morning in the senator’s office in Ottawa to count the resolutions submitted proclaiming June 2, 2018 National Health and Fitness Day. Some 40 municipalities and RCMs in the riding answered the call for support that went out at the federal-municipal meeting on January 17.

“I’m extremely proud that local officials are making this issue a priority. Once again, they have seized an opportunity to walk the talk by demonstrating that health is vital to our communities. This is an opportunity to promote local recreational activities and infrastructure,” said Bernard Généreux.

Senator and former Olympian Nancy Greene Raine is a passionate advocate for living a healthy lifestyle and using active transportation. She promoted the institution of an annual national day, which is held on the first Saturday of June and will stand as a legacy of her time in the Senate.

On this occasion, the senator stated, “It’s great to see the mayors and councillors in Montmagny—L’Islet—Kamouraska—Rivière-du-Loup showing such initiative. By celebrating National Health and Fitness Day, these communities are encouraging people to engage in healthy physical activity. I expect they will mark the day in different ways, such as holding events to underscore the importance and use of local health, recreational and sports facilities. I look forward to seeing their plans and promoting them on www.nhfdcan.ca/. I also want to invite all Canadians to make a personal commitment to spend 150 minutes a week playing sports, to make Canada ‘the fittest nation on earth’!”


In 2014, Parliament passed Bill S-211, An Act to establish a national day to promote health and fitness for all Canadians. Introduced by Senator Greene Raine, it is a catalyst to increase the number of proclaiming cities and towns. This event will be celebrated in more than 300 municipalities across Canada on Saturday, June 2, 2018.