Bernard Généreux looks back at the end of his 2019 parliamentary session

Bernard Généreux
Question Period / Période des questions
Ottawa, ONTARIO, on 01 February, 2019.
Credit: Bernard Thibodeau, House of Commons Photo Services

Ottawa, June 21, 2019 – At the end of the last week of the 42nd Parliament in Ottawa, Bernard Généreux, Member of Parliament for Montmagny—L’Islet—Kamouraska—Rivière du Loup, is taking stock of his achievements and contributions to the public in 2019.

As the upcoming election draws closer, MP Bernard Généreux is proud of the good work carried out by the Conservative opposition over the past four years. “Despite the fact that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals had a majority government, we still managed to force the government to backtrack on many of its attempts to raise taxes for Canadians,” said Bernard Généreux.

In terms of agriculture, the MP is pleased that his statements in the House of Commons and his participation in press conferences with the UPA and MP Luc Berthold for Mégantic—L’Érable in February 2019 helped convince the government to reconsider its interpretation of the eligibility criteria for the AgriInsurance Program. As a result, producers in Bas Saint Laurent and Chaudière Appalaches received the expected compensation for the crop losses stemming from the summer 2018 drought. In terms of free trade, the MP continued to criticize the fact that the Trudeau government still had not compensated dairy farmers for the market share concessions granted to Europe, Asia Pacific, and more recently the United States.

He stated that the Conservatives also stood up for taxpayers, particularly when the government proposed changes to the tax rules for small and medium sized businesses in 2017, and when it proposed higher taxes on employee group health insurance plans and on discounts for restaurant and retail workers.

More recently, MP Bernard Généreux introduced Motion M 230 in the House of Commons, which called on the government to eliminate the GST from residential heating bills. The MP noted that Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer fully intends to raise this issue in the October 21, 2019 election, since the initiative would save Canadian households an average of almost $110 per year.

Mr. Généreux also stated that the cumulative deficits have increased over the past four years, and that the Liberals will have added nearly $80 billion to the national debt of Canadians by the end of the year, with no plan to return to a balanced budget. Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has committed to balancing the budget over a five year period if he becomes Prime Minister this fall.

A real plan for our environment
Lastly, the MP expressed pride in the “real plan for protecting our environment” unveiled by Mr. Scheer in Quebec this week. “Unlike the Liberal plan, which merely penalizes Canadians and SMEs by imposing a carbon tax on them, while making exceptions for the biggest polluters, our environmental plan will require concrete investments in green technology. We will also take concrete measures to minimize plastic waste by aligning our plastic recycling standards and by working with companies to minimize excess packaging,” Mr. Généreux explained.

Over the summer, the MP plans to continue to maintain a strong presence in Montmagny—L’Islet—Kamouraska—Rivière du Loup, while working with his Conservative colleagues to offer citizens in the constituency and throughout Quebec a serious alternative to the current government. “I am convinced that this fall we will have a credible, responsible and workable platform to better meet the needs of our regions in terms of economic development, infrastructure and labour availability,” concluded Bernard Généreux.

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