Bernard Généreux Yields Seat to Marie-Clarisse Berger

PRESS RELEASE | For the Daughters of the Vote event organized by the Equal Voice organization, Bernard Généreux, MP for MontmagnyL’IsletKamouraskaRivière-du-Loup, offered his seat in the House of Commons to Marie-Clarisse Berger on Wednesday, April 3. Ms. Berger was in Ottawa from April 1 to 4 to take part in workshops on issues such as combatting oppression and racism, democracy in a digital world, media coverage, the corridors of power, francophone MPs, the work of a woman Senator, Indigenous policies and the significance of an election year.

A total of 338 young women were selected to represent each riding in Canada. The initiative’s goal is to involve more women in politics. On April 3, they took part in a special sitting of the temporary House in West Block. The keynote speech was given by the Right Honourable Kim Campbell, 19th prime minister of Canada, with the federal party leaders speaking afterward. Ms. Berger was also able to rise and make a statement.

Ms. Berger is a 19-year-old student at the CEGEP in Rivière-du-Loup. She plans to continue studying political science at McGill University and specialize in international law and globalization. She wants to become a diplomat. Ms. Berger takes every opportunity to get involved in society as an engaged citizen. She recently took part in the Quebec National Assembly’s Student Forum as a representative, which enabled her to sit on the parliamentary committee examining free education.

“This is the second time this term that I have participated in the Daughters of the Vote event. Clearly, we must make every effort for women to feel welcome and to have their skills recognized at all levels of politics. Concrete actions such as holding this event can make the difference in people’s lives. Opportunities present themselves, openings appear and progress becomes possible. It’s time for women to feel like they have a legitimate claim to decision-making roles. I’m very pleased to see Marie-Clarisse Berger’s eagerness to be an active citizen,” said Généreux.

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