An Uphill Battle

Some fifty climbers braved the heavy rains on Sunday, October 15 on Côte-des-Chats in St-Pacôme as part of the World Day of Organ Donation and Transplantation at the invitation of the 2017 Bas-Saint-Laurent champion, Member for Montmagny-l’Islet-Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup Bernard Généreux. CHAIN OF LIFE Challenge participants included health care and education stakeholders, students, and friends and family of donors and transplant recipients.

Mr. Généreux shared his title with a business couple from Montmagny who shared their inspiring story with participants before the climb. After months of discussion and facing her husband’s deteriorating health, Myrtha D’Amours donated her kidney to Gilbert Thibault. Although facing an uncertain future, both persevered and came out united. In addition, the mother of Vincent Béland-Morrissette, a young man who died in 2008 and who inspired the CHAIN OF LIFE project, talked about the importance of discussing organ donation with family members. The uncertainty of signed donor cards means it is left to family members to make the decision, who must also respect their loved one and honour their wishes. Mr. Généreux repeatedly emphasized the importance of the CHAIN OF LIFE project, which is taught to Secondary 4 students, talking about organ donation with loved ones, and leading a healthy life in order to stay in good shape.

Harmonie des Cascades de Beauport and its 60 musicians then performed for the climbers and, for the first time, Guillaume Leclerc sang the CHAIN OF LIFE theme song, “Horizon.” Energized by the event, CHAIN OF LIFE Director Lucie Dumont began preparations for next year’s challenge.

The event is a joint project among various partners, who have made it a success. Mr. Généreux would like to thank principal partner VIDÉOTRON; sponsors Transport Gylmir, Bellema gestion immobilière, radio CHOX-FM, les Producteurs de lait du Bas-Saint-Laurent, Roland et Frères, l’Auberge Comme Au Premier Jour, la Boulangerie La Pocatière, le Traiteur La Fine Bouche de Rivière-Ouelle and METRO Plus Lebel; as well as Cathy Lemieux for the zumba, Camp Musical de St-Alexandre, Harmonie des Cascades de Beauport, singer Guillaume Leclerc, photographer Gaby Alexandre and the municipality of St-Pacôme.