Rallying together to face a Challenge

 MP and CHAIN OF LIFE Challenge 2017 supporter Bernard Généreux, along with Nathalie Lévesque, Mayor of St-Pacôme; Lucie Dumont, President of CHAIN OF LIFE; Yvan Tardif, Chair of the Kamouraska–Rivière-du-Loup school board, represented by Charles Fortier, a teacher; Linda Béland, representing families of donors; Guylaine Dumas, a mother of a transplant recipient; and Mathieu Rivest, Director of St-Alexandre Music Camp and Leader of Harmonie des Cascades, are working together to make the family-friendly event at Côte-des-Chats in St-Pacôme on Sunday, October 15, at 9:30 a.m. a success.

As part of the World Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation, everyone is invited to climb one of the 14 summits identified by CHAIN OF LIFE. In the Lower St. Lawrence region, Côte-des-Chats has been chosen as the location in this second year of the Challenge. “Our community is rallying behind the CHAIN OF LIFE, and we are proud to welcome them here,” said the Mayor of St-Pacôme, Nathalie Lévesque. “The coordination support we are offering today is our way of supporting this major fundraising initiative, while also raising public awareness of organ donation in Quebec.”

People of all ages and abilities are invited to visit the site defi.chainedevie.org to support a team or even to participate in this symbolic ascent, which represents the difficult journey of a transplant recipient on a wait list. Registration is a $25 donation online or $30 the day of the event. People aged 18 and younger, as well as CEGEP and university students, do not have to pay to participate.

MP Bernard Généreux said “Every year, my team and I choose a cause that we want to invest in. From my very first meeting with Lucie Dumont, the President of CHAIN OF LIFE, it was clear to me that her message needed to spread beyond the borders of our province to cover the entire country. I am proud that this project means our students are learning in the classroom that one donor can save up to eight lives.”

“The CHAIN OF LIFE Challenge is a unique opportunity to take the time to celebrate the most beautiful gift of all: life!” said Lucie Dumont, President of CHAIN OF LIFE.

“The Kamouraska–Rivière-du-Loup school board is proud to have been involved with CHAIN OF LIFE since the very beginning,” said Chair Yvan Tardif. “Various stakeholders have invested their time and energy in this worthwhile cause, and have also made major financial contributions over the years. This generous support has helped the project succeed in its goal of raising awareness. We wish CHAIN OF LIFE all the best as it works to benefit the entire population.”

In 2008, Linda Béland lost her son Vincent at age 21 when he was climbing a mountain in British Columbia. Ms. Béland and her family had to make a decision about organ donation without knowing Vincent’s wishes. Ms. Béland said “I firmly believe in the importance of families discussing organ donation with each other, so your loved ones know where you stand and they can honour your life in the way that you have chosen, no matter what decision you make.”

Guylaine Dumas is the mother of a teenage girl who received a heart transplant on Christmas Day 2016. Her daughter has had heart problems since she was 12 years old. “Without organ donation, and without this one generous donation in particular, Lisa-Marie would no longer be with us,” said Ms. Dumas. “There are no words to express our gratitude to the family of the donor who said yes to organ donation and saved Lisa‑Marie’s life.”


In addition to the climb, a number of activities will be available to participants, including an introductory Zumba class taught by Cathy Lemieux, and light refreshments served after the climb. The St-Alexandre music camp (CMSA), together with Beauport’s Harmonie des Cascades, will be performing for the walkers throughout the event. In addition, La Pocatière native Guillaume Leclerc will sing CHAIN OF LIFE’s theme song (Horizon). Mathieu Rivest, director of the music camp and leader of Harmonie, said “The CMSA is happy to be part of the event, providing logistical support and loaning equipment. It is great to see the region come together like this. Pairing music and sport for an event supporting a good cause is something we are eager to support. You can rest assured that Harmonie des Cascades and its 60 musicians will put on a high-quality musical performance!”

CHAIN OF LIFE is a charitable organization whose mission is to support an educational and social project to raise awareness among students aged 15 and 16. They learn about organ and tissue donation as part of their English second language classes in all secondary schools across Quebec. The funds raised through the Challenge will go to support the awareness project. Teams from the fields of health care and education, as well as climbers, celebrities and members of the public will plant the CHAIN OF LIFE flag.

Participants are invited to register or donate to a team here:

https://defi.chainedevie.org/sommet-2-La_Cote-des-Chats_Saint-Pacome_Bas-Saint-Laurent [French only].

To learn more about the CHAIN OF LIFE project: