Bernard Généreux Reflects on his 12 Months in Parliament

GénéreuxB_lowRezOne year ago, the voters in the riding of Montmagny–L’Islet–Kamouraska–Rivière-du-Loup elected candidate Bernard Généreux. For the MP, the 1st session of the 42nd Parliament has been marked by meetings with all levels of government, primarily concerning the issues of regional cell phone service and the shortage of workers. The agenda also included passport clinics, a tourism tour and defending the interests of the region.

 An active presence in MLKRDL

Through his two-week summer tour shared on a virtual platform, the MP demonstrated his support for those who work in the tourism industry. Mr. Généreux also participated in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, the Défi Vélo André Côté bike challenge, and the Défi Everest challenge. He was also present in the educational sector, visiting with both administration and students. He held six passport clinics in the riding, which helped more than 1,300 people.

The MP and his colleague, Gérard Deltell, held a discussion session with the public on Bill C-14 and medical assistance in dying. He is also backing the members of the UPA through his support of supply management. Mr. Généreux has taken a stand on the softwood lumber file, working in concert with local stakeholders. He also called for giving every Canadian a say in electoral reform.

The MP is continuing to foster cooperation among those demanding better cell phone coverage from service providers, and is working with stakeholders from each of the four RCMs to find solutions to the labour shortage and encourage immigrants to settle outside of large centres.

A busy legislative agenda 

Mr. Généreux continues to be enthusiastic about his role as Chair of the Quebec Conservative caucus. He is also participating in a group composed of members of Parliament who are former mayors, which seeks to work cooperatively with municipalities in the province. The Conservative Party leadership race will culminate in a vote on May 27, and be followed by a shuffling of the shadow cabinet. On October 16, Mr. Généreux agreed to take on responsibility for the Quebec regional development file. He will continue to sit on the Standing Committee on Official Languages.