The Importance of a Referendum on Electoral Reform

Bernard Généreux, Member of Parliament for Montmagny–l’Islet–Kamouraska–Rivière-du-Loup, wants to hear from his constituents about the upcoming electoral reform. The Prime Minister wants to change the first-past-the-post voting system, and residents of the riding are invited to share their opinions on the matter by responding to a mail-out from the MP. A special committee will report to the House of Commons in December 2016.L14555719_1700839290232935_1760276136_n

The key issue: Having a say

“I believe it is only right that Canadians have the final say in the decision on the electoral system,” Mr. Généreux stated. He added: “That’s why in the coming days, every household in the riding will receive a pamphlet in the mail to be filled out and returned to the Montmagny office by September 30. The response card does not require a stamp. The pamphlet presents both sides of the argument with regard to holding a referendum on changing our voting system.”

The results from the public responses will be presented to the special committee on October 14. In the spring of 2017, the government should be introducing a bill to change how Canadians vote. “I think it is essential that all voters take this opportunity to be heard on this important social issue. In Canada, the way we choose our elected representatives is a cherished democratic achievement, and it could be threatened by this decision. What might Canada look like after a preferential ballot?” the MP wondered.

Mr. Généreux concluded by quoting the Leader of the Official Opposition, Rona Ambrose, who he says shares his vision: “When you change the rules of democracy, everyone gets a say!”

The following is an example of the response card: