Canada summer jobs program and return to parliament for Bernard Généreux

Question Period-Période de Question
Ottawa, Ontario, on 13 December, 2019.
Credit: Christian Diotte , House of Commons Photo Services

After getting dozens of calls to his constituency offices about the opening of the Canada Summer Jobs program, which the government had postponed for several weeks, MP Bernard Généreux took the floor in the House of Commons last Wednesday to criticize the unacceptable delays and ask the Prime Minister when the program would be accepting applications from local small businesses and not‑for‑profit organizations.

“In direct response to my question, the Prime Minister gave me the information I needed to tell interested applicants that the Canada Summer Jobs program would in fact launch on Thursday, January 30,” said Mr. Généreux. “I know it is a vital program for local stakeholders, and that’s why I wanted to emphasize the importance of launching it as soon as possible, and to criticize the delay that has taken place.”

Applications can now be submitted online at

Return to Parliament

At the beginning of the week, Mr. Généreux decided to support Peter MacKay in the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race. Party members will choose Andrew Scheer’s successor on June 27, 2020. While the leadership race will draw a great deal of attention between now and the summer, Bernard Généreux and his party have no intention of leaving the field open for Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.

The Conservative opposition introduced a motion in the House of Commons calling on the Auditor General to conduct an audit of Investing in Canada, a plan to invest over $180 billion in infrastructure investments introduced after the Liberals came to power in 2015. This motion came after the Parliamentary Budget Officer criticized the government’s inability to provide detailed figures so the successes and failures of the initiative could be assessed.

Although 152 Liberal MPs voted against the Conservative motion, it passed in the afternoon of January 29 with 166 votes, thanks to the support of BQ and NDP MPs, reflecting the new situation since the minority government was elected on October 21.

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