Induction of Jacques Demers into the Quebec Sports Hall of Fame

JacquesDemersYesterday (Thursday) in the House of Commons, Member of Parliament Bernard Généreux highlighted the induction of Senator Jacques Demers into the Quebec Sports Hall of Fame.

The MP commented on the resilience and combativeness of the former coach and sports commentator, joining with so many others who had been touched to see Senator Jacques Demers on Wednesday for his first public appearance since suffering a stroke last April. Senator Demers’ very presence continues to inspire hope in Canadians that they can triumph over adversity, notably illiteracy.

In many ways, Senator Jacques Demers has been the standard bearer for our national sport, ice hockey. Among other things, he coached the Habs during the 1990s. He marked an entire generation of professional and amateur athletes, as well as fans, and instilled a sense of pride in all of us.

You can use the following link to see the YouTube video of the MP’s remarks [French only]: