MP Bernard Généreux keeps his word

Toronto, Saturday May 27th 2017 – Throughout the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership race, which ended Saturday evening (May 27th) in Toronto, the Member of Parliament for Montmagny—L’Islet—Kamouraska—Rivière-du-Loup refrained from promoting any candidate. He set himself this line of conduct as Chair of the Quebec caucus. However, now that the leader is known, he wanted to announce who he thought should have been in charge of the Party.

At the polls, Bernard Généreux supported the nomination of Lisa Raitt, MP for Milton riding in Ontario, born in Nova Scotia.

« Firstly she had my support because she is a woman who has demonstrated her competence as a leader, she also has a good knowledge of both official languages. Like our interim leader Rona Ambrose, I am convinced that she is a politician who gains to be known and who would perform formidably in the spotlight. Her rigorous work as Official Opposition Critic for Finance is an invaluable asset to me. In my opinion, she is the one that could best improve the country’s finances, when Justin Trudeau will be done emptying the pockets of his fellow citizens. Canada is now ready for a woman Prime Minister » says M. Généreux.

« There is no doubt that Lisa Raitt will be drafted by a future leader to carry out his projects and that she would be part of his close guard. She proved her expertise by successively occupying the function of Federal Minister of Natural Ressources, Minister of Labour and Minister of Transport where her work has been recognized » highlighted the MP.

Nevertheless, Bernard Généreux supports the decision of the party to choose Andrew Scheer. He always intends to defend the same ideals with this leader. « For me, the reality and the issues specific to the regions of Quebec must be known to decision-makers and I will plead in their favor. As our interim leader has repeatedly said, we must now move forward, ahead. Our next goal is to defeat the Liberals in 2019 » stated Mr. Généreux.