Listening to Quebecers Tour in Montmagny, Rivière-du-Loup and Rimouski

On Thursday, June 7, and Friday, June 8, Quebec Political Lieutenant Alain Rayes (Member for Richmond — Arthabaska and former mayor of Victoriaville) and Conservative Caucus Chair Bernard Généreux (Member for Montmagny—L’Islet—Kamouraska—Rivière-du-Loup and former mayor of La Pocatière) held three round tables as part of the Listening to Quebecers tour.

About 30 stakeholders from the fields of entrepreneurship, politics, science and innovation, agriculture, tourism, culture, community groups, education and health took part in these meetings in order to provide a range of views on the issues that concern them. The Members took note of their comments and will present them to the leader of the party in order to develop policies by and for Quebecers.

“Our eyes are on 2019,” said Bernard Généreux. “[During the round tables] we talked about the problems arising from transferring businesses to the next generation, immigration and problems finding workers, duplication when submitting projects to the two levels of government and red tape. The purpose of the tour is not to justify our positions, but to listen to Quebecers’ concerns and make concrete proposals.”

The tour began on April 19 and travels through Quebec’s 17 administrative regions. When he presents his report in the fall, Lieutenant Alain Rayes hopes to have attended no fewer than 50 meetings, with at least 10 people participating in each one. He believes it’s important for stakeholders to take advantage of this opportunity to speak freely. He also reminds Quebecers interested in addi their voices to the conversation to consult the Listening to Quebecers website and download the participant booklet to provide their comments and recommendations.